Ok, this is the scenario: after many hours spent in front of the monitor, your masterpiece is finally ready.

You are so excited, it is time to press play, and… WOW!

Photography is perfect, sharpness and contrast are great, the colours are well saturated, and the audio is… hey, wait a minute! Where is the audio?

All you can hear is the buzz of the computer, no music, no background noises, and the characters are silent!

Doesn’t sound good (no pun intended), right?

Ok, no worries. Here at Bigmicstudio we are able to provide you with the audio for every aspect of your production.

Need music? Checked!
Voiceovers? Checked!
Sound effects? Checked!

Whatever you are creating, be it a videogame, a movie, a choreography or a theatrical, get in touch with us and let your work be heard.